Stamp Duty Valuations are common reports offered by many Valuation firms.

So what makes us stand out from our competitors?

We try a lot harder to to provide you with the most conservative report we can possibly provide, we dig deeper and look further for the evidence we need to save you as much money as possible. For those who may not know the higher the figure in the report the higher the duty you’ll have to pay to the State Government. A careless report can cost you considerable money.

Have a look at this example where the subject property may have a value of between $900k - $1m The duty on $900k is $35,990 The duty on $1m is $40,490 The difference is $4,500.

It’s fairly obvious we need to consider this type of property valuation very carefully on your behalf.

Our guarantee to you is that we will provide you with the lowest possible Value assessment thus saving you as much money as possible payable to the Office of State Revenue than any of our competitors.

Call us first you’ll save a lot of money, we guarantee it.