Any situation that may require a specific issue to be addressed. These may include,

Boundary adjustments

Sometimes it is found neighbouring property may encroach upon your property. Often, this situation can be a result of structures being built upon your land including a home, a garage, swimming pool, a retaining wall or any other permanent structure. If this is the case, your ability to sell your property may be severely impaired. Your solicitor can advise you on your legal position and we can advise you on the reduced value with the existing encroaching structure.


Often a property owner may be asked to provide an easement through their property for the benefit of neighbouring property. How this proposed easement can affect the value of the burdened property needs to be investigated professionally.


We accept instructions for many legal matters where an ‘expert witness’ will be required by a plaintiff, defendant or by the court itself. Our senior Valuer, Mr Paul Gilbert has undertaken the ‘Expert Witness to the Land and Environment court module conducted by the Australian Property Institute (API). An absolutely essential module by any Valuer who is providing Valuations to the legal industry. In circumstances where the value of a property may be in dispute, you need the best valuation advocate available, call us on 1800 226 331 for a free confidential chat about your matter.