Abode Valuations was founded in 1996 by Paul Gilbert, then a Licensed Real Estate Agent and now a Registered Property Valuer with vast experience in the Real Estate and Property Valuation Industries.

With a career spanning over many decades across Sydney and Newcastle, Paul’s overall real estate knowledge is comprehensive to say the least. A veteran of property dealing, investment and land valuations for both commercial and residential property, Paul relates to the everyday property owner and understands their needs. Paul’s passion lies in helping individuals, families and partners achieve their personal goals. With a long list of Valuation experience of a huge variety of property types, Paul knows real estate inside and out.

Abode Valuations will identify your Valuation needs and provide a tailored service to exceed your expectations. Abode Valuers have local knowledge who understand and care about your personal situation, are independent of all related parties and provide the most accurate reporting possible. Every property and circumstance is different, therefore, we individually consider your property, your current circumstances to provide assessments based upon these considerations. We go to great length to detail to you the whole processes involved and provide the benefits of having your property valued by us for the greatest peace of mind for your required outcomes.

Why Abode


Paul is committed to maintaining and remaining a leader in property valuations. He is a member of the Australian Valuers Institute (AVI) and the Australian Property Institute (API), two leading professional organisations in Australia for Property Professionals.

Abode Valuations will work exclusively for you and declared no obligation or affiliations exist with Banks, Insurance Companies, Government or Semi Government authorities, nor have any other corporate affiliation which may be considered having conflicted obligations.


Abode Valuations are committed to providing the most accurate reports possible in the shortest space of time. Valuations involve in-depth research, investigations, calculations and notations according to our professional standards and methods. We take great care in the assessment of your property, detailing all relevant findings in our reports. We will always remain independent of all parties to the matter resulting in unbiased, quality reports striving to provide the most accurate property value possible.


As a local firm, Abode Valuations have the tools and the local knowledge of the properties they assess. You have the peace of mind that you are dealing with a local Valuer who understands your property and the current local market.