The desktop valuation is not to be construed as a formal valuation but will contain a brief description of the property to be valued which is based on photographic evidence, computerised information and advice from the client and other means as appropriate to establish a value which often is expressed as a range. No internal inspection is required. This process is carried out by a registered Valuer who will research registered sales evidence, consult all appropriate databases and will use his or her locational knowledge and experience and expertise to establish the value of the property.

Examples where a Desktop Valuation may be used include;

  • Market Value
  • Pre-sale or pre purchase assessments.
  • Mortgages
  • A note on AVM’s

AVM or Automated Valuation Models are computer generated assessments that try to predict value based upon statistical information supplied by various data providers. These reports are computer generated and not supervised by a registered valuer unless they specifically advise otherwise. Our position on AVM’s is that they are normally ignored and considered too inaccurate to issue to our clients. Major institutions don’t use them we don’t believe they are a suitable method for anyone to assess market value.

Accordingly, if the average selling price of houses in a particular location is say $720,000 could you say this figure is relevant to the value of your property? If you don’t know you need to call us.


Not all properties can be valued using the Desktop model.

Residential properties are the only types that can use this form of report. Commercial and industrial property cannot be valued in this manner.

The valuation is subject to adequate supplementary information being available for the report, also, clear and concise sales evidence need to be available to support the value.



1. How much will a Desktop Valuation cost me? It may vary but the average cost is generally $70 including GST

2. How do I apply to have the Desktop Valuation undertaken? Click this link and fill in the form and send by pressing the “Blue button”. Our trained staff will view the application and determine whether a desktop valuation can proceed.

3. How long does it take for the Desktop Valuation to be returned to me? We generally have a three day turnaround but this may vary in certain circumstances.

4. What are some of the inclusions in a Desktop Valuation? Generally our reports will include

  • Property Summary
  • Valuation Summary
  • The Land summary
  • Main Building detail
  • Ancillary Improvements
  • Sales Evidence Summary
  • Any Additional Comments
  • Disclaimers

5. Do you have to go onto the property at all? No the valuer will not enter the property but will view the property from the street and complete all required field notes from that point, should the valuer be invited in to view the house the valuer will refuse as it is against our instructions to do so.

6. Do I have to own the property to have it valued? No, if a short or long form valuation has been requested and internal inspection will be required, therefore, it may be necessary to gain access via the owner, landlord or agent. Please note, if the property is leased strict time guidelines need to be adhered to enter the property, in some cases a notice of entry may be required to be served on the tenant, but we find this is rare.